Iran Najo as a registered family owned company has been involved in production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygienic products since 1982.

This Iranian Ministry of Health (MOH) and The Iranian Ministry of Industry (MOI) has given the right to Iran Najo to produce and distribute pharmaceutical, hygienic and cosmetic products. It employs more than 120 skilled and semi skilled persons and has the highest ratio of graduate employees within the industry.

The personnel include ten PhD. degree holders among which you could find pharmacists, dermatologists, chemists and management accountant.  There are 30 other graduate including chemists, microbiologists,  biophysists, nutritionist, accountants and engineers. Iran Najo's main  strength is determination to diversify its efforts towards identifying customer's  needs and developing products that could meet their satisfaction.


The activities of our organization have been found to conform with the requirements of the following institutions:

  • Iranian Ministry of Health (Achievement of producer of the year 2000  Award & Recognition of Iran Najo as a GMP approved organization).

  • Iranian Ministry of Industry (Achievement of producer of the year 2001 award).

  • International Standard Organization (Achieving ISO 9001).

  • Iranian Standard Organization (Achievement of the Iranian standards).


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