Urea is one of the most important factors for moisturizing natural skin, urea has high powerful adherence to water molecules and due to adsorbing water, will prevent drying skin. In dry skin due to less level of urea, skin will lose capability of preserving and storage of water, and therefore epidermal layer cells will be destroyed and skin will be coarse.
Eucerin urea cream - Najo could return urea to the skin to restore capability of water absorption and increases water maintenance and with repairing and reconstruction of the epidermal layer cells, this layer will be softness, elegance and strength. Meanwhile Eucerin produces a layer of fat on skin and therefore prevents water evaporation in subcutaneous skin layer and thus skin will be more gentle and softness.
Usage: Using Eucerin urea cream - Najo after each washing, apply it on position through the day and repeat it if necessary.